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Vehicle Tracking

If you require new trackers?

We have a professional, reliable and easy to use tracking system that we believe is great value for money. It's simple but has many features that really will make managing your fleet a great deal easier.

If you're interested in new trackers or changing your current system just email or call and we can come to you for a free no obligation quote, we can listen to your requirements and provide a flexible system to suit your needs. We will work hard to bring you the best deal at the best price. We won't hard sell or list countless savings to be made, it's your choice and we will explain honestly what the benefits will be for you.

Simple easy to understand pricing:

£15.00 per month per vehicle
Installation is £45.00 per vehicle
De-Installations are Free of Charge.
Price includes full warranty and support.

We always offer a demo and free trial of our system, if you simply don't see the requirement for trackers after your trial, just give us a call and we will take it out, no strings attached, no hidden charges, no penalties, no fuss.

If you already have trackers?

We also Install, De-Install and Service trackers from nearly all telematics companies.

Are you paying too much for de/re-installs or for extended warranties or maintenance. We are approved by some of the biggest names in the industry but we charge a fraction of what the big names charge for exactly the same job.

Over the years we have sub-contracted to some of the biggest names in the vehicle tracking industry, including Cybit, Vermillion, TomTom, Masternaut, Tracker, Trakm8, Trackstar, Trak28, Box and many more.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our engineers are fully qualified and fully insured and all of our work carries a minimum of 12 month warranty.

We have years of experience in dealing with tracking hardware, we install and service tracking units for many of our current customers and can also provide spare parts and upgrades regardless what systems you're using.

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