Below are our latest prices. If the solution you're looking for is not listed below please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

HGV Reverse DetectionFrom £400 (fitted)
Side DetectionFrom £400 (fitted)
Left Hand Turn WarningFrom £250 (fitted)
Reverse WarningFrom £250 (fitted)
Dash Witness CamerasFrom £140 (fitted)
Dash Witness CamerasFrom £140 (fitted)
Vehicle TrackingFrom £175 +subs (fitted)
Vehicle CCTVFrom £1300 (fitted)
BeaconsFrom £140 (fitted)
FlashersFrom £160 (fitted)
CK 3000£120
MKi 9100£195
MKi 9200£215
Mini Kit RangeFrom £59.99
Asteroid RangeFrom £195
Ply LiningFrom £150 (fitted)
Sign WritingFrom £40 (fitted)
Auxillary Work and Loading LightsFrom £80 (fitted)
Parking SensorsFrom £125 (fitted)
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